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a man

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Live on twich

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portraits design

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streaming buildings design

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Darwinian design theory

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Character design EMMA

General / 24 January 2018

Emma is a character i am  designing for a challenge  

here you can find a portrait  

this is the first version and i wasn't satified

this the second version of the character wich is more intersting and i added a scar 

i have made some sketches in the begining without a real subject, i wanted a badass girl  red head with long hair.  

in the begining i wanted to  equip her with a freesbie.  

more sketches without restrictions

another bunch

i find it better but i am not stisfied with the helmets, i did gain another researches  

now i have enouth ideas to move on  

i continue working an try to find a good and correct pose, after that i will attack ortho views  

character design researches

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